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My 1st love

Welcome to the audio room . I will be updating this more often in 2018 as part of my pledge to share my personal sonic endeavors as well as some of those musicians that I admire, am influenced or am making music with.

1st up - Aidan Nolan and the My New Gravity band. Very talented group of musicians based in Charlotte, NC. Smooth / unique take on cover songs, mixed with flavorful originals. I have been practicing with and plan on joining the band on their next gig this year. 

2nd up, Bill Vencil. Has a great technique and knows how to channel the inner ambiance of the King Crimson kind. Enjoy his music as I have.

My New Gravity

Bill Vencil - Chords of Orion

Visuals to listen by - start a video to the left or below & enjoy the slideshow

Some more songs from Soundcloud

Classical - Alman

ProgRock - Mood For a Day

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